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Call in the Army, the Navy, Scotland Yard, your Mom, and the Mario Brothers! You'll need all the help you can get to stop this endless wall of fuzz from raging! This kill all circuit explodes the meanest, nastiest, balls out distortion to make you the ruler of the fuzz universe.

This Death By Audio pedal has all the corners cut on the graphix but not on the components and sound. This gives you a high-tech fuzz mutilator at an affordable price. Now with three knobs it can create a multitude of ultimate fuzz, boost, overdrive, distortion sounds. Listen for yourself and you will see, this is the thickest sounding sustaining fuzz pedal we have ever heard.


VOLUME - (The little ramp graphic) Controls the overall output volume of the pedal.

FUZZ - Controls the drive or gain of the fuzz circuit. At it's lowest setting the pedal just acts as a tone shifter. As the fuzz knob is turned up it sweeps from a booster to an overdrive to a thick distortion to a full on blown out war of fuzz.

TONE - A specially designed multi-curve shaping filter which changes the timbre of the pedal from super deep bass sludge to screaming highs.


Height .............. 62 mm
Width ................ 118 mm
Depth ............... 144 mm
Weight .............. 19.2 oz
Current Draw .. 2.29 mA

SOUNDS OF WAR: all sound samples recorded with a Fender Jazzmaster into a Fender Twin Reverb run clean.

Rock and War (292k) - Straight Guitar then Full on Fuzz War

Through the Sounds (556k) - Clean then turning the knob halfway through

Feedback (476k) - Use the Fuzz War to make good feedback

One Two (372k) - Clean then One Fuzz War then Two Fuzz War Pedals

Fuzz War Annihilation (172k) - Fuzz War run through the Total Sonic Annihilation