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Disclaimer: We recieve hundreds of emails every day. Some of those emails get lost while clearing out the junk in our inbox. If you don't hear from us, email us again! We are here to answer your questions and build effect pedals.


Q - What sort of power supply do I use to power a DBA pedal?

A - Any power supply with an output of 9 Volts DC and a Negative Tip Positive Ring. This is the standard for most other manufacturers of effect pedals, so we designed it with you in mind!

Q - When is my pedal coming in the mail?

A - All of our pedals are always flying off the shelves and we can barely keep up with the demand. Please be patient and your pedal will ship as soon as it is finished.

Q - Can you build me a custom pedal?

A - Sorry we are not building custom pedals at this time. We are focusing on designing new pedals for our line and perhaps will start building custom pedals again in the future.

Q - I broke my pedal, where can I get it fixed?

A - All pedals are guaranteed for as long as we are around and we will fix it for you free of charge. Email us at m first and we will get back to you as to where to send it.