King George Festival VA w/Nihil, 5 State Drive,
Dead Cabby's VA w/Mkultra
Star City roanoke VA w/Mkultra

Party Richmond VA w/Clark's Ditch
Eagles Nest VA (Mary Washington College) w/Sore Losers
B.J.'s house party w/Mkultra
Entropy Studios VA w/Nihil, Mkultra
The Depot VA
Casey Browning's Graduation Hartwood VA

Entropy Studios VA w/Nihil, Mkultra, 5 State Drive
Tiki Fala's VA w/The Sound of Speed
Davy Mathews VA w/Must Warn Others + Hot Lesbo Action

The Metro Zone Providence RI w/Threats
The One Up Providence RI
The Living Room Providence RI w/Glass Attic, The Mockingbirds
Chaser's Pub RI
Safari Lounge Providence RI w/Mkultra
Bread and Puppet VT w/The Medea Connection, The Willies
What Cheer Garage (Rhode Island School Of Design)
The Tap Room (Rhode Island School Of Design)
1998-99 (New Years Eve) Orbits VA w/To The Moon Alice

Bad Girl Studios Jamacia Plains MASS w/the Medea Connection, the Mess
The Elvis Room NH w/the Medea Connection + static 13
Jocques MASS w/the Medea Connection
Jeremiah's warehouse RI
Club 3 (New Order Festival) MASS w/the Medea Connection +more
Chancelor Community Center VA w/Kamakazi Escape Plan +more
911 Charles St. VA w/Sommer Browning
Eyeclopes Studio VA w/the Medea connection, Divide By Zero
Jim Bobon's Birthday VA
The Hole In The Wall Richmond VA
The Velvet Lounge Washington DC

Orbits VA w/The Sharpshooters
Be Here Now NC
The Record Exchange NC
The Skatebarn NC
WLOZ 89.1 Willmington NC
Orbits VA
Yakadoo's VA
SNAP POP DC Art Festival w/555, Ethernet, +
Mary Washington College Underground April 12th VA w/Schervo, Divide By Zero
Tokyo Rose VA April 19th w/100 Dollars
Mary Washington College Underground April 22nd VA w/Cut Down
Santa Fe April 22nd VA
Matt Bobon's Party April 29th VA
Orbits May 7th VA
Jenkin's Church Passadena MD May 26th
WMUC College Park Radio. May 28th MD
Metro Cafe June 9th DC w/the Patsies +more
Poseur Bill's June 16th VA w/Poseur Bill
Joe's Movement Emporium July 1st MD w/Wintermute, Tandem +
Cogan's July 12th Va w/Astropop 3
Alley Katz July 22nd Va w/Haymaker +Dragstrip Syndicate
Galaxy Hut August 7th Va w/Ghoti Hook
Cogans August 13th Va
Brighton Bar Long Branch NJ August 16th w/Leaning On Sill
WFMU Hoboken NJ August 18th
Munch Studios RI August 18th w/Munch +more
Continental NY August 20th
Santa Fe August 26th VA
Def Jetson September 9th VA w/the Apes +more
Cogans VA September 30th w/Crash Smash Explode
WMUC crash party October 6th MD
WMUC radio show w/Inflatable Men, Astropop 3 MD
Richies October 12th w/Can Utility VA
Now Music Arlington Street Fair October 14th VA w/Metropolitan, Aerialist, +more
Matt Bobon's Party October 14th VA
Cherry Coated Studio October 22nd VA w/the Can Utility
MWC underground October 26th w/the Misery + Divide By Zero
Cogan's October 29th w/Aerial Love Feed
Galaxy Hut October 30th w/Aerial Love Feed
The Abyss Virginia Beach VA November 12th w/Crash Smash Explode, 65 Film Show +more
Beehive Theatre Pittsburgh PA November 17th w/Low Sunday, Shade
The Black Cat Washington DC November 20th w/Skydivers
The Luna Lounge NYC Dec 5th
WFMU Hoboken NJ Dec 15th
Andrew's Spotsylvania VA Dec 16th
The Downtime NY Dec 26th w/Loopchoir +more

The Luna Lounge NYC Jan 5th
Don Hill's NYC Feb 3rd w/Aerial Love Feed
Cogan's Norfolk VA Feb 15th
Unitarion Fellowship VA Feb 16th w/St. Diablo
Orbits VA Feb 23rd w/Evergreen Seven + Schervo
Santa Fe Va March 3rd
Underground VA March 16th
The Luna Lounge NYC March 31st
Unitarian Fellowship VA April 14th w/Rachael Nevadas
The Big Horse Chicago IL April 20th w/Turner Joy, Soulvasque
KUMM Festival Morris MN April 21st w/The Only's, Opium Jones, +more
Santa Fe VA April 27th w/Alcien Blue
The Luna Lounge NYC April 28th
Santa Fe VA May 10th w/Poseur Bill
The Hole In The Wall Richmond VA May 26th w/the Mensa Select
Pratt Park VA June 2nd w/Estella's Muse, Minus Men +more
CBGB's NYC June 8th w/Alpha Kilo +more
Velvet Lounge Washington DC June 10th w/Aerial Love Feed
Santa Fe VA June 14th w/Aerialist
Santa Fe VA July 7th w/the Emerald Down
Sammy T's Fredericksburg VA July 22nd w/Gracie
The Velvet Lounge Washington July 27th
Tandam House MD July 28th w/Tandam +
Orbits VA August 3rd w/Low Sunday, Mensa Select
Cogan's Norfolk VA August 4th w/the Bedroom set, Astropop 3
Metro Cafe Washington DC August 25th w/Patsies, Spontaines
The Luna Lounge NYC August 31st
The Galaxy Hut Arlington VA September 1st w/Schervo
The Hole In The Wall September 8th w/The Mensa Select
The Velvet Lounge September 16th w/The Only's
El Macambo The Losing Today Festival Toronto, CANADA October 12th w/Mean Red Spiders, Mellonova, Bluescreen, Kid Sniper, a Northern Chorus +more
Munch House Providence RI October 13th w/Munch, the Medea Connection
Cogan's Norfolk VA November 9th w/the Bedroom Set, Read Palms
The Loft Wilmington NC November 10th w/Read Palms, the Bedroom Set
The Galaxy Hut Arlington VA November 12th w/Mellonova
Ground Zero Norfolk VA November 13th w/Vehemence Realized
Don Hill's NYC November 17th w/The Blowup, Lindy
Luxx Brooklyn, NY December 5th w/+/-, Aden, Midlands
The Hole In The Wall Richmond, VA December 9th w/Bampf, Good Friday Experiment
The Lava Lounge Pittsburgh, PA December 19th w/Shade
Cogan's Norfolk, VA December 22nd

The Hole In The Wall Richmond, VA January 4th w/Plastic Mastery, Vehemence Realized
The Pud House Charlottesville, VA February 6th w/Alcian Blue
Call The Office London, ON February 9th w/White Star Line, Wayne Omaha
Lee's Palace Toronto, ON February 10th WAVELENGTH 100 FESTIVAL w/Gesundheit, Raising The Fawn, The Resinators, The Creeping Nobodies, and DJ The Band
The Raven Hamilton, ON February 11th w/White Star Line, Mark Raymond (A Northern Chorus)
Tokyo Rose Charlottesville, VA February 20th WTJU Benefit Concert
Cogan's Norfolk, VA February 22nd w/The Bedroom Set, Audio Exploration
Swingers Richmond, VA March 14th w/The Rachel Nevadas
The Little Theater William and Mary Williamsburg, VA March 15th w/Bunsen Honeydew
Cogan's Norfolk, VA March 16th w/Bunsen Honeydew, The Lemming Constant