There is a show going on now July 17th-21st called 5x5 Video Nights at the Riviera Gallery 103 Metropolitan Ave in Williambsurg/Brooklyn NY of video works made by Takako Tymkiw. The videos are for Skywaves "Dream You're Alive" and "Suicide", Readymade's "Lightstrands", The Emerald Down's "Heavier Than Ether, Lighter Than Air" and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "At My Door"

The Don't Say Slow 7"s are finally here and they sound amazing! Order them from Amendment for $4 postage paid. They are a limited pressing with silkscreened covers so hurry up, they will be gone soon.
A tape of unreleased Skywave songs has just been released on the super cool label Best Kept Secret in Italy. The songs are very dark and the track listing goes as follows- all alone, walk my way, dreamscape, you left me a letter, baby it's just you, space, don't say goodbye, if i were a man, cool breeze, heartbreaker, and you wonder why, and coming after me. You can order the tape just by sending $5 cash concealed in an envelope to:
Best Kept Secret
c/o Alessandro Crestani
Via Biron di Sotto, 101
36100 Vicenza

The "Don't Say Slow" 7" is going to be released in February from Amendment in VA Beach. It has been delayed until March or April.

The Test Tones Compilation is out now. Get yours at ToneVendor now.

We are now sold out of "Echodrone" and the "Without You" EP. There should be a sort of best of compilation being released on Alison Records in Germany soon which will have more of the old songs on them and some new ones.

We just got back from our Ontario tour with Alcian Blue and had a blast! Slept in a Wal Mart on the way up, smashed the neck off my bass in Toronto, last tour it was London, and played a cover of "You Made Me Realize" with tourmates Alcian Blue, two basses and four guitars, it was a wall of sound for sure. We played with some great bands Currently In These United States (a spazzed out funny version of pavement), Kid Sniper (XXX indie rockers), Sanseiru (Power rock and roll) who covered one of my all time favorites "My Little Underground", and Trebendle (Math Rock machines). At the Whippet Lounge we got told we were way too freaking loud and we should just play at a nice Motley Crew loud and then the hippies would love us??? Thanks Matt for hooking up the show at your house and Jonny D for being rad as can be.

New two CD compilation set of live performances from WFMU has been released with our cover of Joy Divisions Ceremony. The compilation, Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player, can be yours for a pledge of $100 to WFMU. They are a super cool radio station for New York and New Jersey and are well worth helping out! The CD includes live tracks performed on the air at WFMU by Clinic, Misfits, Brevis Frond, The Bell Rays, ST-37, Kinski, Lightning Bolt, Peaches & Gonzales, Glass Candy & the Shattered Theater, Connie Acher & Jelly, Oneida, Skywave, Magic Carpathians Project, Mastodon, Du-Tels (Peter Stampfel & Gary Lucas), New Pornographers, Moldy Peaches, Mark Robinson, Erase Errata, Steve Wynn, Faun Fables, Dead Moon, The Delgados, Rick Benson, Kokolo Afrobeat, Jaap Blonk, Mark Robinson, Howe Gelb and more!

We charted #1 in Hamilton Ontario for the Sonic Attack show on CFMU 93.3FM (the full list is at the bottom)

The song "Fire" is going to be released on the Blisscent Records Compilation July 25th. This CD features-
1. Asobi Seksu - The Words Live Longer
2. Skywave - Fire
3. Au Revoir Borealis - Waldorf Theft Song
4. Twigs - Trouble Me Too
5. Malory - Space In Your Mind
6. Collette Carter - M-Flo
7. Sunstorm - Leap Of Faith
8. Lorna - You Are Barcelona Now
9. Alcian Blue - Channel
10. Love Spirals - He Calls Me
11. Francis 7 - Splitting In Two
12. Air Formation - Four-Part Galaxy
13. Readymade - The Block Alone
14. The Emerald Down - Red Shift
If you are into Shoegazer music and never heard of the Blisscent Yahoo Group you should join up

We are featured as the album of the week on the Morning News website. Check it out!

The show with Vehemence Realized turned out to be a really cool, Greg from the Patsies was the sound guy and the Velvet Lounge has a new look. Vehemence Realized changed their name to just VR and they got a drummer so now they are even more intense and the songs hit home.

The Past shows have been going great! The show with Swiss Dot, Sonambulants, and Seat Team was really great although the Sonambulants cancelled (too bad) and the sound guy didn't show up it was a synth pop extravanganza. Seat Team and Swiss Dot's performances were great! I am now in love with them Swiss Dot girls!

The Arnold Records Skywave "Walk My Way" CD EP has been released in Poland. They are cheap, $5 in the US and Canada and $4 in Europe. To order the release email Darek the owner of Arnold Records.

The shows with Alcian Blue, The Emerald Down, and Highspire this past weekend were rad. They are all some amazing bands. Thank you all who made the shows a huge success.

New 7" to be released in May on Amendment Records featuring "Forever You" "Don't Say Slow" and "Took The Sun"

The new Album is getting closer to being completed recording. We have been recording and mixing since March 2001 off and on

Sonic Attack CFMU 93.3FM Top 50
1. Skywave
2. Amp
3. Antenne
4. Hypnotech 3
5. Mahogany
6. Stella Maris
7. Malory
8. Don Pyle & Andrew Zealley
9. lovesliescrushing
10. Slowdive
11. head|phone|over|tone
12. My Bloody Valentine
13. The Waterfall Effect
14. Legion of Green Men
15. The Emerald Down
16. Kiran Ahluwalia
17. Dr. Placebo
18. Sandrine
19. Inclination
20. Sourceflow
21. Hrsta
22. Curve
23. The Cosmonaught
24. Stars of Stage and Screen
25. Delta Waves
26. Microbunny
27. Ma-Chan
28. AIR
29. Mus
30. Set Fire to Flames
31. Alison's Halo
32. Stella Luna
33. My Viole[n]t Ego
34. Form/Alkaline
35. Astrobrite
36. Deepspace
37. Waterline Drift
38. Isabel's Dream
39. Lal
40. Holzkopf
41. Manitoba
42. Seefeel
43. The Microphones
44. King Crimson
45. Karoly & Monica
46. Timeline
47. Flashing Red Airplane
48. Van der Graaf Generator
49. Bluescreen
50. Cheryl On.

To hear about news via email join our Yahoo Group hereThe next Album is closer to being finished