The first song I heard of this Band has been got that feeling, which is clearly cloned from early Jesus + Mary Chain. Well, i've really been annoyed from this thing. But, remove that episode people, because i fell in love with the feedback of this Band, with its exploding guitars spitting out all that acid that they have in their body, - and with the voices. Then, the Skywave has Their own originality and dodge all the shadows. I asked to afriend of mine [darrrio] to give Them a listen and He said without little circumlocutions that They make him sick. Opinions. As far as I'm concerned, I guess i can adore Them without problems, especially for the deafening psychedelia of slow in space, a spacetrip, or the sixties_like parenthesis of under the moon, that is, -this trk made me to come in mind those cartoons as scooby doo (did i write it in the right way?) where sometimes suddenly everybody plays light-hearted an instrument. And on this song there is a sort of carefree evanescence, but the voice live its disease. Beside these two episodes, the group lives on exploded distortions (sandune), on reverberant acid cyclones ready to swallow you up (it' s in yr eyes), - all created by bs + gtr +battery, voice and choruses. Great.

By Pao Mice

Komokino #5

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