'Psychocandy' anyone? SKYWAVE aren't as spacey and ethereal as their name and thetitle might lead you to believe… They're all about blistering 60s inspired,guitar-driven pop, trade-off female and male vocals, fiercely fragile feedbackand chanting vocals that recall, hell, that unceremoniously resurrect the gothspirit of the JESUS & MARY CHAIN, heady, surreal and bold. High concept avant-pop like The AISLER SET meets The HOUSE Of LOVE meets MY BLOODY VALENTINE meets The APPLES In STEREO, lofi in the best garage-pop traditions, reverb used with reckless abandon, this is noisy and absolutely beautiful, and if you think I'm kidding about the 'Psychocandy' reference, I'm not! This is full-on and 'Head On', this is 'Just Like Honey' and 'The Hardest Walk", this is what you need to quell the ache in heart and loins, your supersonic sweettooth…


you can purchase Echodrone from their site