"Don't Say Slow"

Again, here's yet another band whose music I found at several months ago, before I even heard of Gods of Music.

"Don't Say Slow" is one of those songs whose intro makes you say "ouch!" and whose ending makes you say "that's gotta hurt!" In between, though, you're treated to what's basically a really pretty pop song that's been purposefully swathed in big fat curtains of feedback and noise. Certainly, Skywave is not for everybody, but boy, is it for me.

You've got very hectic drums here, a really fast beat, and a beautiful melody that makes you swear (or wish) you've heard it before. At the same time, though, the curtains of feedback which would make any fan of old Ride or Mary Chain look back in wistful longing.

One listen to this and it should be apparent that these guys really know how to write a great pop song, yet make it original. There's a definite energy here that honestly, I wish I could hear from other bands once in a while. I've heard very little that's excited me the way Skywave has.

At the same time though, the recording quality on this isn't great. Now, if it was 10 years ago and this song was released on K Records, that would have been of no consequence. But the drums are poorly recorded, the ending is cut out, and the pans ain't where they should be; and all those are big no-nos nowadays. If I could hear a well-recorded version of this song, I could be blown away even more.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that this song is definitely killer rock and roll, just like their e-mail address indicates. For what they are trying to do, they do a perfect job of it (except for the recording quality). If you're the type of person who would appreciate what Skywave are trying to do, then you should definitely pick this up.

Charisma: 9.50
Technical Skill: 8.00
Structure: 9.00
Interest: 10.00
Lyrics: 9.00
Performance: 10.00
Arrangement: 10.00
Recording Quality: 5.00
Long Term Appeal: 10.00

Gods of Music